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Website History

1999 - I created my first homepage on America Online using AOL's Hot Dog Express web publisher.

January 2000 - Lisa's Fashion History Database went online, featuring historical fashion drawings made with the Paint program.

January 2000 - I closed my first AOL website and created Lisa's Web World as a hub for my websites. I added Chicagoland Memories, The Silent Movie Page and a small list of nostalgic links called Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe.

August 2000 - The Cafe was officially launched when I decided to expand the nostalgia section to include historical information about each decade. This new series of pages was dubbed Lisa's Time Machine.

2001 - Lisa's Time Machine became Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe and the original nostalgia page was closed. My AOL websites were moved to Tripod and Angelfire.

2001-2004 One by one, each decade was added until all decades from the 1910s to the 1990s were represented.

December 2001 - Added The Andy Williams Show section.

2005 - Added the Cary-Grove High School Swing Choir section.

2006 - Added the Moody Blues section.

2008 - Added the Chicagoland History section.

2009 - Lisa's Web World was closed and all content was moved to the Nostalgia Cafe homepage.

March 2010 - Created a Facebook page.

August 2011 - Began moving the nostalgia pages to Proboards.